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Localization & IT

Recruiment Made Easy

it & localization recruitment

IT & Localization recruiment

Save you time and human resources

IT and Localization recruitment is our business. We are the go-to recruitment agency for IT, Translation and Localization jobs. We base our success on the enjoyment we all have getting a job done well while having fun.

Our aim is to save you time and human resources by streamlining the staffing process and finding the right talent that matches your job profile as quickly as possible.

Being a specialised employment agency offers our clients several advantages over those using some of the best staffing agencies in the world whose recruiters take a more generalistic approach. All our recruiters have an IT background and a solid knowledge of the Localization & Translation world.

We can help you find the talent you need to cover key roles such as those of a Localization Project Manager, Translation Business Development Director, IT Engineer as well as Senior Management positions; be those posts in-house, hybrid or remote job vacancies. We recruit worldwide giving you global support every step of the way. We are one of the top recruitment agencies worldwide for IT and Localization jobs.

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We coach you free of charge


Upload your CV to apply for one of the many jobs available, or if you prefer; we’ll find the right job that matches your profile.

One of our experienced consultants will coach you through every step of the recruitment process free of charge:

  • Review your CV and suggest improvements tweaked to match the job you are applying for.
  • Submit candidate summary highlighting your key profile strong points.
  • Interview practice and tips on interview techniques.

We are here to help you get that job of your dreams.


Save your time and HR


Upload the information you have on your job vacancy. One of our specialised consultants will then get back to you to go over the details.

Our success as an organization is directly linked to our ability to identify the right people fast and match them to your company’s requirements.

Why waste all that time looking the right talent when we can do it for you.

It’s that easy.

Results guaranteed.

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